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October 22, 2019
card game at casino

Separating Trading vs Gambling – Don’t Shoot Yourself in the Foot

For those who don’t know much about trading, it’s easy to believe that it’s a reckless activity similar to gambling, but this couldn’t be further than […]
October 18, 2019

What Happens When You Confuse Trading With Investing?

Many of us would jump at the chance to make more money, but juggling full or part-time work with other commitments such as family, friends, household […]
October 10, 2019
Botwars on TestFlight

Botwars™ Beta now on iOS

After the recent launch of Botwars on Google Play for Android users we are now excited to offer Apple’s iOS users early access to Botwars™ Ultimate Trading […]
October 7, 2019
Botwars on google play

Botwars™ Beta now on Google Play

An exciting day at Quazard HQ as after months of hard work designing and developing Botwars™ we have today made the beta version available to Google […]