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About us


Uncharted Gaming

We are independent developer of an exciting new genre of online games that are not only fun to play, but also give you the opportunity to play for real money.
Our games seamlessly blend financial education, risk management and currency trading as well including many social and gamification aspects that help make exciting and progressive games.
This new genre of gaming remains uncharted territory and we are planning to lead the exploration.


Our mission

Our mission is to build incredible financial games. To bring different experts and industries together to create games that have real world financial rewards. To create new ways for players to engage. To create new ways to financially educate. To let players experience the fun of making money.
We believe that players should be able to invest their time and their money into gaming rather than just spending it.

Our team

Experienced and unconventional, but that is how we like it. Our team brings together experts from the creative arts, game design and development, trading and finance.
Paul Lindsell
Philipe Comini

Przemek Skwirczynski

Lead Game Developer
Volodymyr Bouland
Lead Game Artist
Andrey Terentev
Lead Game Designer
Andrew Antykov


The following expert advisors share our vision and support us in everything we do.
Trading Educator
Alpesh Patel
Legal & Regulatory Advisor
Rayan Goutay
Development Advisor
John Stiles
System Architect & FX Trader
Pantelis Kokkalis
Trading Systems Advisor
Chirag Mehta
PR & Marketing Adviser
Stef Wynendaele